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...that life happens as we are busy living.  Beloved Portrait is about preserving and celebrating those people that we love fiercely in our life.

What are you doing to celebrate them?  How will you forever capture their essence? Cherish the moments, love the innocence and forever preserve their love. Take it all in now, because before you realize it, these moments will be gone.



Studio Sessions

Creating Children & Family Fine Art Portraiture.  Studio located in Leesburg, VA



“Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.”

- Rumi


Beloved Portrait Packages


A Beloved Portrait is not like a normal family session.  Beloved Portraits are art pieces.  They are for families that want one of a kind pieces to forever celebrate the people they love.  They are not about simply capturing a moment, they are about truly capturing your beloved's essence.  

Beloved Portrait sessions are offered by apptmt only.

Individual Digital Image   $149
Set of 3 Digital Images  $397
Set of 5 Digital Images  $659
Set of 10 Digital Images  $1195
Set of 20 Digital Images $2197  

A 20 x 30 fine art piece begins at $2450.

Want to reserve your session?  
Please click here to schedule your session for your Beloved Portrait.


The Beloved Portrait


STEP ONE: Reserve your Studio Session.  We will call you to schedule time to talk about what you need to bring with you for your session, clothing to wear and answer any questions you might have. 

Location: All sessions will take place at Alimond Studio.

 STEP TWO: Come to your session ready to have fun and to create your amazing Beloved Portrait with your photographer.

STEP THREE: After your session, you will have time to look through your proofs at the studio. This will be where you get to see your beautiful, handcrafted portraits.  You will select which images we will use to craft your Beloved Portrait. 

STEP FOUR: Take your Beloved Portrait home to mount on your walls and fall in love with every time you walk by .


The Photographer

Aliyah Dastour

Aliyah is the  photographer at Beloved Portrait.  With a family of her own, she understands how important it is to create and document the fleeting moments you have with your family.  She is passionate about capturing your children in a beautiful way that you can put on display forever and remember who they are at their innocent essence.  Beloved Portraits are pieces of art that she is honored to create for you.